Wolfworthy Original 80/20

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Feeding your dog poor quality commercial dog food puts them at risk of skin allergies, digestive problems and cancer.

Wolfworthy is an all Natural Grain-Free Dog Food, made from 80% Meat and 20% Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs. It contains absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

We believe that our dogs live long, healthy and active lives when they are fed the wholesome natural food that they evolved to eat. That is why we developed Wolfworthy, a delicious food based on the natural whole prey diet of the Grey Wolf.

Dogs and wolves split from a common ancestor roughly 35,000 years ago. They are so close that they share the same digestive systems and 99.8% of DNA. In fact, dogs are considered a subspecies of the Grey Wolf, Canis Lupus and are called Canis Lupus Familiaris.

Available in 1.5kg and 7.5kg bags, as well as a 60g sample size.